Marcos at Battle Tier II


Marcos At Battle Registration :- 11:00 AM (Sunday) Match Timings (Monday to Friday) 1st Match :- 👽IDP @8:50 PM 👽Starts @9:00 PM 2nd Match :- 👽IDP @9:50 PM 👽Starts @10:00 PM Ultimate Face-off (Sunday) 1st Match :- 👽IDP @7:50 PM 👽Starts @8:00 PM 2nd Match :- 👽IDP @8:50 PM 👽Starts @9:00 PM 🎉🎉 Chicken Dinner with 18+ kills also 4 players standing will get ₹.100 Prize 🎉🎉 📍Top 15 Teams every week will be promoted to Ultimate face-off (Sunday) & the top three team of Ultimate face-off will get direct slots in Next week of T-2 Scrims. 📍Slot wastage will get one week ban and the team in waiting queue will get the slot with the point of the banned team. 📍Results will be upload in Discord server daily. 📍Any match related queries will be taken in discord server. 📍If any team get to know that some other players are sitting in their allotted slot, the leader is free to tell the management to kick the suspicious player. No kick will be done 2 Mins before the match. 📍Leaders are requested to submit the screen shot of results in discord server. No screen shot no points. 📍All the matches will be live streamed onour YouTube channel. 📍Daily Points table 🎭 Registration Format 🎭 Team Name :- Player 1:- IGN :- Character ID :- Player 2 :- IGN :- Character ID :- Player 3 :- IGN :- Character ID :- Player 4 :- IGN :- Character ID :- Substitute :- IGN :- Character ID :- Whatsapp Registration Group Link :- YouTube Link :- Discord Link :-

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