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We welcome anyone! We will gladly answer any question about anime, whether you newbie or veteran. We're not some elite of anime community and want to be friend with same anime lover! Also we have a few rule you must agree: *_Selamat Datang di AniLovIndo_* *Rules:* ⏺️ R34 is prohibited! Not a place to share R34! ⏺️ Do not ignore if you mentioned or just read entire conversation. No one likes that! ⏺️ No racist and religion share here. Not everyone is the same as you! ⏺️ Do not confuse people Make sure everyone understand what you are trying to say. ⏺️ Keyboard war is not allowed This is not battlefield! We are peaceful group. ⏺️ At least share something about anime if you could. (News, music, anime, art, etc.) To make group lively! ⏺️ Be polite to others. No one wanna treated rudely! ⏺️ Introduce yourself Not must be your real name, just to be know what we should call you. ⏺️ Tolerance with other. ⏺️ Don't be stupid. Just don't.

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