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*ROYAL Q Crypto Trading Robot and How it Works.* Royal Q is a quantitative Robot that does *Spot trading of Crypto currencies on Binance, Huobi or Coinbase exchangers.* It works for you while you are busy with other things and make profits for you daily. *You are 100% sure of making money while you sleep.!* The best business of 2021. *HOW IT WORKS!* 📍Its works 7 x 24 hours. *It buys crypto and sells in profit.* 📍It doesn't predicts the future market but *only response to rise and fall of the market.* 📍It *doesn't withdraw* your Money in Your Binance Wallet. *100% SAFE!* 📍It can be Fully *automated to work hands free.* 📍It works on *Annual Subscription fees* of *$120 + Gas Fees of 20% of Trading Capital. The better Trading capital is $1,000* but you can start with a minimum of *$150* 📍You can start trade with as little as *$150*. 📍You make *10% - 50% of your Trading capital* monthly. 📍You need a *Verified Binance account or Huobi Account or Coinbase Account to trade with Royal Q.* If you have never made money while sleeping, you will make it with *Royal Q Robot in Dollars 100% guaranteed.!*

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