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1️⃣ Admin is god and law. Dont mess with the admin or any1 in the grp 2️⃣ Admins will be promoted exclusively from among Yellow CirclešŸŸ” members 3️⃣ NO PORN HENTAI OR ADULT RATED CONTENTšŸ”ž 4️⃣ As soon as u enter the grp follow the format given below 1 .Name... 2. Country and State 5️⃣ Dont pick fights. BE FRIENDLY WITH EVERYONE. (NO HATE SPEECH) 6️⃣ POSTING LINKS OF OTHER GRP IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED 7️⃣ USE ONLY ENGLISH. 8️⃣ Do not flood the grp with spam. 9. F word full form is banned ENJOY YOURSELF TO THE MAX

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